Lamborghini Veneno let’s it slide

Supercar owners typically have an aversion to weather that’s anything short of sunny and dry, so it’s downright pleasantly surprising to see a Lamborghini Veneno being thrashed on a race course on a rainy day.

There’s not a lot of backstory on this one, but the video posted to YouTube by user marcopiz96 was apparently shot at an official Lamborghini event at Italy’s Vallelunga race track. Located about a half hour north of Rome, the Vallelunga autodromo is a roughly 2.5 mile course.

For its part, the Veneno—one of just five built—appears to be the perfect rainy day track star, if you ask us. It drifts and slides through the course, making the most of its V-12’s 740 horsepower on tap.

If your impressed how the Veneno handles and have the means to purchase one, don’t hold your breath, with prices of upwards of £7M it’s unlikely any will appear in the for sale classifieds soon, as Lamborghini own 2 and the other 3 are probably kept in air tight garages as pride of place with private collectors.

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