Lamborghini Muira SV hits the track

Despite the fact that the Miura was never intended for the track–company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini was adamant that his was a road car company, not a race car builder like that of arch-rival Enzo Ferrari. When this particular Muira was restored recently it seemed there was only one thing to do, let her loose on a race circuit!

This particular Lamborghini Miura SV has been restored by PoloStorico, the supercar maker’s in-house classic car division.

Wearing chassis number 4846, the close-to-production SV prototype was displayed for the first time by Italian coachbuilder Bertone during the 1971 edition of the Geneva Auto Show. Lamborghini explains the prototype is a one-off model because it’s equipped with carry-over parts sourced from the Miura S as well as new parts that were introduced later on the production version of the SV.
Polo Storico went to great lengths to ensure the prototype was restored as accurately as possible, and every one of the components unique to the car was either replaced or restored. Polo Storico wanted to avoid adopting non-period-correct parts from later cars to maintain the SV’s authenticity. Historic documentation (such as photos from the 1971 Geneva show) and the original production sheet helped the team during the restoration process.
A brief promotional video shows the coupe was stripped down to the bare metal. The 380-horsepower V12 engine was then removed, torn down, and entirely rebuilt. The interior was refurbished, and the body was given a fresh coat of metallic green. The restoration process took over a year.


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