LaFerrari V12 into 458?

Ferrari Special Projects seems to have managed to fit the LaFerrari 6.3-liter V12 engine in a mysterious Ferrari car that is shaped like a Ferrari 458. A handful of pictures had been posted on Instagram, showing Ferrari’s mysterious car.

Before the year 2016 ended, Instagram user and Ferrari owner gregb.23 published a picture of a Ferrari completely covered with a red canvas wherein its silhouette unmistakably belonged to a mid-engine model architecture currently used only by Ferrari 458, 488 and the LaFerrari. It is captioned with an intriguing message: “Merry Christmas. Guess the car? Hint Not a V8!”, according to TheDrive.

The suggestive figure of the sharp silhouette in the section where the vehicles are presented in Maranello soon gave people clue that it was made by the Ferrari Special Projects Department. The 2nd photo still covered in red canvas shows the front of the car. The mysterious Ferrari car is expected to debut soon at a private gathering.

This week, the same Instagram owner, posted another image of the mysterious Ferrari car giving fans more details. It is clear that the car is a 458 Italia painted in an attractive gray or black metallic matt. But a peek through the rear window shows what appears to be the V12 6.3 liter that can be found in the LaFerrari. So the rumors are true that Ferrari is working on a more powerful Ferrari 458 which will not be a V8, according to CarBuzz.

It should be recalled that Eric Clapton asked a similar model when he commissioned his SP12 EC, a tribute to BB512 based on the 458 Italia. At that time, despite the singer’s request, the Italian brand could not fit the Laferrari V12 engine in the compartment of the Ferrari 458 Italia and settled for the V8 model instead.

The LaFerrari has a total power of 963 horses, combining the performance of the V12 engine with electric KERS, with a combustion engine that can develop about 800hp. Right now, many things are still unknown, including the possible aesthetic modifications or mechanics that will be made to the Ferrari 458.

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