Italian cars – they’re only human

Is it the beauty? The history? Passion? Style?

Of course it’s all of these things, the reason we love Italian cars. But it’s also a lot more, something more personal.

Take your friends, a mixed bunch, different jobs, slightly different backgrounds. There always one in the group who spends more on beauty products and looking good than the others. This isn’t to say their a poser, probably just good looking to start with and want to enhance that look. This is the same person who does everything at 100mph, the one who has the gym membership and actually uses it!

Then we have those other friends, the dependable ones, who if we need to talk or meet up, are always there. Feeling a bit down or just want to chat about some idle gossip, you know you can text them, call them or meet up. This is in complete contrast to your other friend, you’ve all arranged a night out, organised for weeks and at the last minute they drop out, no warning, usually not even a message until after they should be there but this is just the way they are, their a good friend sure, but reliable? No! you certainly wouldn’t trust them with the ring at your wedding, heaven knows where it might end up, if they turned up at all!

And what about the go-getters? Organised, good jobs, climbing the career ladder, they seem to be a bit of everything, stylish, smart, reliable and can be a good laugh.

So cars are like friends? Well I think so, but more than that, they are almost human in character, some are more beautiful than others, while some are the go-getters and others more reliable than some. This is in essence a mixture of Italian cars.

It would be easy to pigeon hole each manufacturer as one thing or another, the supercars as the good looking ones who flex their pecs at the gym, but it’s not as clear cut as that. Italy has a history of bringing us beautiful cars, from Ferrari to Pagani, not forgetting the stunning Alfa Romeo’s and Maserati’s of past and present. Then there’s the everyday cars, Fiat 500, Alfa Romeo MiTo and Giulietta, the cars that are there for everything from going to work to doing the school runs, these are the dependable ones, taking them for granted but they make our life more enjoyable. It’s an added bonus that they are also good looking, after all, we don’t want our friends to be bland and boring.

What of the go-getters? It’s safe to say this is probably the Maserati’s with the Ghibli and Quattroporte, these are definitely the career climbers, of course Alfa Romeo has recently thrown it’s hat into the ring of this group with the stunning Giulia, entering into the junior executive class. Their a classy bunch, smartly dressed, but this is also more than just skin deep, these cars have heart and soul as well as beautiful looks.

Of course it’s your Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and Pagani’s that you might class as your gym buddies, with their stunning looks, power & awesome ability they are real crowd pleasers, turning heads wherever they go. From F1 to GT racing these Italian marques have history, Pagani being the exception to the rule, the newest kid on the block to join the Italian supercar group, you almost get the feeling Pagani would be the gym guy with the physics degree. Together they are an exclusive club, one most people want to be a part of but few can afford to.

As for the normal group, those that go about their everyday lives to work and anywhere else matters take them we have the Fiat500, it’s the  city dweller, works in the city and probably lives in the city, meets the friends at the local coffee bar, wears nice clothes, looking good & chic. For those with a few children in tow we’re joined by friends from the Alfa Romeo group, a MiTo, funky stylish a bit mature but still fun and the Giulietta, without doubt the most stylish 5 door hatchback on the market, it represents that friend whose probably married, a child or two, but likes the stylish things in life, the working middle class individual who hasn’t given up on life & turned grey just because they’re a family person.

Enter the Abarth, the younger sibling to one of your friends, full of energy to party all night at the weekend but has the manners & physique to be part of your friends group. But you can’t ignore the looks, whatever colour their wearing they look good, smart alloys, modifications like the youngest member of your friends wearing latest fashions and somehow carrying it off.

So when your driving your Italian car think, is it really just a car or almost human, is it like one of your friends?

It’s true these similarities are what helps forge the passion you have for Italian cars once you’ve had one, their not like driving a machine from certain other manufacturers, like your friends they’ll not be perfect but for all their imperfections you’ll love them.


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