Italian Cars of the Stars going to auction

Italian classic cars going to auction is not unusual, however this array of motors is somewhat star quality.

Certainly they are for the collector who wants something that bit different, owning a car that has been owned by a celebrity or featured in a popular TV series is well worth bragging rights round the table or down the polo club.

With a few of these coming up, we take a look at whats on offer;

The Miami Vice TV series ran from 1984 to 1989 with the star car of the first two series being a black “faux Ferrari” which so upset Enzo Ferrari that he sent representatives to the show’s producers with an offer they couldn’t refuse, resulting in a white Ferrari Testarossa becoming the star car of the show for the remainder of the run. Two Testarossas were provided by Ferrari for filming and this car is one of them, as certified by Ferrari Classiche. Interestingly, despite the car becoming synonymous with a smash hit TV show, and an icon of eighties cool, it has had a chequered career on the auction block. The car appeared twice on E-Bay, first in January 2015 with an asking price of $1.75 million and again in March 2015 with the same price tag. It didn’t sell either time at that price, and was then featured in Mecum’s Monterey auction in August, 2015 and again failed to sell. This time it will change hands because it is being sold by Barrett-Jackson with the company’s favoured “no reserve” format. Given prior sales of other famous movie and television cars, it will be fascinating to see what it fetches.


Best-selling recording artist Justin Bieber has been perpetually in the headlines throughout his brief career, and his likely appearance at Barrett-Jackson’s auction of his customised 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia F1 Edition is certain to draw much media attention. As a teen heart-throb, how much his star status will add to the value of the car aimed at a different target audience is a matter of conjecture. Clearly Justin agrees, because unlike the majority of Barrett-Jackson offerings, there is a reserve on this car and if that is in line with his carefully cultivated swagger, it will be interesting to see if anyone agrees with his perceptions of its worth.


This 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS QV is one of the cars driven by Tom Selleck during the 1984-1985 shooting season of Magnum P.I. The official estimate of $150,000 to $250,000 is Bonhams being frightfully polite. If you can buy it for anything like those figures, it is a pure gold investment because it represents an era when those same aficianados were striving for the success they now enjoy. The wannabees when this car was appearing on TV screens now control the world’s wealth. Just as Bonhams’ offerings at Scottsdale dominate the star cars article of yesterday, this car is the pick of the litter in this grouping. Recommendation: buy if you can get it for under seven figures!


Mention the surname “Louis-Dreyfus” in America and most people will immediately think of Emmy-winning actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her roles in Seinfeld, Veep or maybe Saturday Night Live. In Europe however, the name has very different brand values. French-born Pierre Louis-Dreyfus (1908 – 2011) was a war hero, and achieved fame as a highly-decorated WW2 Resistance fighter who went on to forge the family company, Louis Dreyfus Cie into a massive multi-national trading company with offices in 100 countries. Pierre was also a car connoisseur who competed in several 24 Hours of Le Mans races, co-driving one with superstar Louis Chiron, the man whose name is now immortalized on the latest Bugatti supercar. Pierre’s racing adventures also saw him forge a deep personal friendship with Luigi Chinetti who subsequently migrated and became the American Ferrari importer.

Not surprisingly, Pierre’s cars have also done exceedingly well on the auction block with a Ferrari 340 America he once owned selling for $8.23 million in Monaco last year. This 1932 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Series V Grand Sport Roadster will also do well, partially because it is an exquisite example of an important car, and partially because of the Louis-Dreyfus heritage. It is estimated to sell for between $2,250,000 and $2,750,000, but might surprise.

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