Fiat 600 to return

Fiat may only have recently give its best selling 500 a facelift but already its looking at the next one. The current version of the small car is expected to remain in production for a few more years, but it will not stick around as much as the phase one of this model.

A new Fiat 500 should arrive by 2020 and it will come with a new platform. This new technical platform is designed to suit multiple body styles, which would help Fiat develop more models based on the 500 line.


The Italian automaker is keen to keep its costs under control in the next few years. The new platform that is expected to be featured under the next 500 does not have a name yet, but we should learn more about it in the next few years.

One of the body styles developed on the next generation Fiat 500 platform is a five-door hatchback. Instead of using the 500 name, Fiat is expected to call the five-door model 600, which would mark a return to another historical name. This would likely see the end of the 500L model.

The Fiat 600 would become a practical alternative to the regular 500, without getting significantly bigger.

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