Alfa Romeo has U.S in its sights

Alfa Romeo is in the middle of their most crucial model launch, even more so in the US, where the Giulia is the first proper car the brand offers after the 4C sports car.

We’ve heard great promises by Alfa Romeo over the past years, but now we have solid proof of the company’s intentions, as the Giulia is finally into production and the Stelvio was officially revealed at the 2016 LA Auto Show.

Aiming for the land of opportunity, the company boss, Reid Bigland, wants to move Alfa Romeo away from its niche status into mainstream premium territory, despite the range being limited to only three models (Giulia, Stelvio and 4C) in the U.S

Bigland told CNET’s Roadshow that mid-sized saloons and mid-sized SUVs in the premium segment represent a little over 40 per cent in the US market, giving Alfa Romeo a wide opening to enter the market and grow their presence.

The US arm of Alfa Romeo has already launched the Giulia Quadrifoglio, bringing in 100 cars in December, with Bigland saying they’re bringing an additional 1,000 units by the end of January to the market.

It’s definitely encouraging to see Alfa Romeo finally delivering some of its promises, but only time will tell if US customers will answer the company’s call. Sales success in the U.S would go a long way to securing the Italian marques other model plans currently in the pipeline, with a 5 series rival saloon and ‘Junior’ Stelvio already in the works.

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