Alfa Romeo Giulia DNA system

For those currently lucky enough to be on the waiting list for their new Giulia, Alfa Romeo (USA) have very kindly put together a short video explaining the DNA drive mode system. These drive select system can confuse some who aren’t familiar with what the different drive settings may do, so let us give you a quick run down of how it works.

The Giulia’s drive select system is controlled by a rotary dial in the center console located next to the audio controls and just behind the gear select lever. By turning the dial to the ‘D’ (Dynamic), ‘N’ (Normal) and ‘A’ (Advanced Efficiency), the driver is able to control the way the car behaves based on the driving scenario at hand.

The Dynamic mode is essentially a sport setting that tightens the steering and sharpens the throttle response, with Normal serving as your standard everyday drive setting. Advanced Efficiency will increase the frequency of traction and stability control intervention and provide better grip in wet, icy or snowy conditions.
A special ‘Race’ setting is also standard on Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde models and provides even sportier  throttle and steering settings than Dynamic mode and also stiffens the suspension.

Alfa Romeo USA I 2017 Giulia I DNA System https://youtu.be/6zlJtff_tm0

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