Alfa render top design

Alfa Romeo has always been a car maker that places style at the top of its priority list.

In years gone by, that’s resulted in some truly stunning designs, these recent Alfa models have also seen dramatic improvements with what’s under the skin to match the brand’s iconic beautiful interior and exterior.

Thanks to FCA’s openness with its future product plans, we already know what vehicles will be added to Alfa’s lineup in coming years. One notable exception is a range-topping sports car in the vein of the 8C Competizione. Nevertheless, automotive designer Antonio Paglia has decided to render how a futuristic Alfa sports car could look and the results are incredible.

Dubbed the C18 Concept, the vehicle adopts a sleek, front-engined layout with an elongated hood and an incredibly streamlined area for a windshield that could stretch above the driver’s and passenger’s heads.

Additionally, the vehicle includes LED headlights and daytime running lights as well as the brand’s iconic triangular front grille, also adorned with LEDs. Other noteworthy design cues include huge wheels, taillights connected by a prominent strip the width of the car and a unique skin across the rear half.

It’s a very striking design and we can hope that if some of it makes it to the finished product then the next range topping Alfa will certainly be returning to bedroom walls around the world.

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