H.R Owen has the perfect Lamborghini Christmas present

HR Owen LamborghiniLeading luxury dealer group H.R. Owen is displaying the iXOOST ESAVOX speaker system for the very first time at its Lamborghini London showroom in the run-up to Christmas.

H.R. Owen is one of Britain’s leading luxury motor dealer group, dealing with some of the world’s most sought-after premium car brands including Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini.

Lamborghini speakerESAVOX is the first speaker to bear the supercar manufacturer’s name and is styled as an exhaust system

It perfectly complements the style and performance of a Lamborghini, featuring shock absorbers, a carbon-fibre chassis and a high-power 800 Watt output.

LamborghiniInspired by Lamborghini and two years in the making, ESAVOX embraces the Lamborghini brand like no other gadget on the market and will be available to view in the famous South Kensington showroom from Thursday 15 December.

The 53kg system boasts a very striking design, with hexagonal speakers, four original Lamborghini exhaust pipes and a familiar Automobili Lamborghini logo. Plus, it features a carbon-fibre chassis and shock absorbers to add to its automotive similarities.

Lamborghini designLike the road cars, the ESAVOX is also powered to the max, with an incredible 800 Watt output, and while it may not be able to compete with the symphony created by a V12 at high revs, you can be assured that it will please any audiophile.
Lamborghini LondonLamborghini London is one of the most famous Lamborghini dealerships in the world, with visitors from all over the globe heading to the central London showroom to enjoy the exclusive cars and experience H.R. Owen’s unique full-service approach to client care.

Lamborghini design Over the busy Christmas period, visitors to the H.R. Owen dealer will be able to see the speaker in all its glory through the window, as well as the latest and greatest Lamborghinis on the market – including the Aventador SuperVeloce and the Huracán LP 610-4.

Lamborghini speakerMatteo Panini, iXOOST founder, said: Lamborghini cars are designed to thrill both the driver and those who see them. This is how I see Lamborghini’s style, and we have tried to follow this concept in the design of ESAVOX. It has taken 2 years to achieve this, following the idea of Ferruccio Lamborghini that “style follows instinct”; we believe we have achieved something really unique, where design and construction quality are combined in celebration of the Lamborghini legend.”
Rupesh Jethwa, Lamborghini London Brand Director, added: “We’re very excited to welcome the ESAVOX speaker system to Lamborghini London. The guys over at iXOOST have done a wonderful job making the speaker look as Lamborghini as possible. It’s as if you’re following a Lamborghini, and the sound it produces is truly spectacular… like the cars themselves.”

ESAVOX is available to view at Lamborghini London from Tuesday 20 December until the middle of January.

Lamborghini London

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