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In a week where Lamborghini joined the Air Force, talk of a V8 Fiat 124 Spider went round and Ferrari killed the manual gearbox, we have a round up of the weekly Italian Car news

imageNo cannibalisation at Alfa Romeo and Maserati

The week started at the Paris Motor Show CEO of Alfa Romeo and Maserati Reid Bigland informed the press there would be no cannibalisation of the two brands…




V8 Fiat 124 Spider     image

Although it’s just been launched it seems for some people the Fiat 124 Spider isn’t powerful enough, Flyin’ Miata in Colorado have already got its sights on dropping a V8 in the Italian roadster…


imageLamborghini joins the Air Force

To celebrate the very best of Italy, Lamborghini joined forces with Ducati and the Italian Air Force in a special event dubbed ‘Passioni Tricolori’…



imageFerrari manual gearbox no more

It seems the Ferrari manual gearbox is dead. The Italian marque has ruled out any chance of its famous stick shift finding its way back into their super cars…



Alfa Romoe’s Stelvio spied      image

Ahead of its Los Angeles auto show debut, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio was spotted on test in Modena, Italy…




imageMaserati won’t follow the rest

Maserati stated this week they would not follow the rest when it comes to an electric vehicle.
Maserati engineering boss Roberto Fedeli is under orders to deliver a Maserati EV as soon as possible, with 2020 the deadline…


Thats a brief round up of this week’s news, to catch all the latest daily news make sure to check out our News Roundup on the forum


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