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imageIt’s an Italian car synonymous with the Rally scene, but over the last decade or so it’s become the forgotten Italian, a marque that people remembers but has no idea what happened too, the truth is, Lancia is still alive, just, but still it’s heart beats and in Italy there’s a group gathering momentum to bring Lancia back from the brink, #SaveLancia

imageThe group has seen a lot of  the positive reaction from many fans gathered together on the web creating a network of profiles identified in the #SaveLancia project. Thousands of people that in recent years have been able to break the chains of silence that has covered the unfortunate decision to erase a well-known and appreciated brand as Lancia used to be.

Lancia deserves a fair chance at a comeback and Marchionne could leverage the brand’s incredible rally heritage that it built with cars like the Stratos, 037, or the Delta Integrale HF. Just look at the success on the internet of a possible new Lancia Delta Concept to realize, how the fans still want performance and sports cars, even in a limited series, with the Lancia badge. FCA could build special cars, such as Delta, the Stratos and Fulvia Coupè. would, in short, to create special cars like the Alfa Romeo 4C and Abarth, focusing not on big sales, but doing it anyway – at this stage – in order to revive the brand.

If Volkswagen can turn “fish into bread”, the Seat and Skoda case is striking – brands with major overlap within VW itself and much less heritage or global name recognition than Lancia, then #SaveLancia think Marchionne could do such a thing with Lancia.

imageThe #SaveLancia group know from insiders that the FCA management is aware of their battle to keep alive the brand. Recently they even sent them an envelope containing 5,000 signatures of fans. There has been no official response from FCA but in recent months, apart from the official version, hope is growing within the group, the feeling that Lancia history must not be closed in this awkward way, there is a feeling that good news may arrive before the end of the year. #SaveLancia know it sounds crazy but their optimistic.
For the anniversary of 110 years together #SaveLancia would like, and are inviting  everyone to help them, given the delicacy of the situation, offering your support for an initiative that we care: a digital book that will be distributed for free on the web. We will print just one copy, and it’s going to mailed to Mr Marchionne.

To support #SaveLancia, contact them at www.savelancia.it


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