Picchio the Italian specialist

pppA few weeks ago, we featured a news article on Picchio, an Italian factory specialist who had taken the beautiful Alfa Romeo 4C and given it an impressive 600bhp!

But just who are Picchio?

Well we asked the question…picchio_ar_mg_3

Who are they?

Founded in 1989, when a few young motor-racing enthusiasts from Ascoli tought to create a company to manufacture sports car designed from eng. Giotto Bizzarrini. The relationship with this absolute genius in automotive history is immediately on a wave of enthusiasm.
Eng Bizzarrini designed a car and then made with his own hands the new prototype that became the first “traveling laboratory”. It was driven by Giotto Bizzarrini himself, this time acting as pilot and test driver.


What do you build?

Picchio is an Italian factory specialized in the automotive sector; providing services and products, such as racing cars, road cars in small series, rare car models (made to order too), full electric modular platforms, as well as road/racing car design and/or prototyping services. The company also facilitate license transfers and assignments, as well as expertise on electric car free flow battery swaps.

All sounds very exciting, racing cars and road cars, diversity is an important thing in the modern auto world.


Style, design, engineering, testing and production, the whole manufacturing process is made in our Factory in Ancarano (Abruzzo, Italy).
Even if it isn’t well known in luxury car sector, Picchio is a brand that has greater reputation in racing competitions.


Racing – How has that worked?

Among the first races Picchio mention is the ISRS championship at Misano and at Nürburgring, in 1999 SRWC championship at Donington (UK), and from 2000, Campionato Italiano Prototipi (CIP), on the most famous italian circuit, including 6 hours of Vallelunga and Campionato Italiano Velocità Montagna (CIVM), the hill climbs national trophy which takes place throughout Italy from Trentino to Sicily.
In 2002 Picchio participated in various international competitions over in the USA, in the Grand-American series, including the famous and “historical” 24 Hours of Daytona race. In 2014 Picchio participated in the famous race the clouds, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.


Introducing the Alfa Romeo 4C Picchio AR/MG;

Take one beautiful Italian sports car and let Picchio work its magic, the results are stunning.

By stiffening the chassis using carbon fiber, lengthening the road going 4C, then lowering the center of gravity and limit weight. Mirage Motor Company aided with most of this by reproducing all of the panels in carbon. Chassis stiffness came with the addition of the regulation roll cage. Thrust comes in the measure of 580 nm to 7500 rpm/min and 600 hp at 8200 rpm, obtained by running a massive 3.5 bar peak pressure thanks to the Garrett turbo, spun up by the small 1.75L 4 cylinder developed by Advanced Engine Research of England. Power is dispersed via a Hewland 6 speed sequential box.

6With the suspension converted to a push-rod setup, utilizing Öhlins TTX36 adjustable shocks, the Alfas dynamics are dramatically altered. Moving the shocks inbound brings with it a whole host of advantages; weight is more centralized, unsprung weight is reduced, and the shape of the nose can be slightly altered to improve aerodynamics.

Perhaps the most arresting detail are the F1 style BBS wheels. Measuring  13 inches and shod with Pirelli P ZERO Red Supersoft slicks capable of harnessing all 600 hp of the little Alfa.

The Alfa Romeo 4C “Picchio AR/MG” proves to be greater than the sum of its parts. A car built to carve up mountains. Quite what the performance figures are is unknown, but one thing is for certain this is a beautiful piece of engineering brilliance. Bellissimo!

What does the future for hold?

The aim of Picchio is to manufacture not only racing cars but also road cars transferring their know how in design and technology expertise acquired thanks to motor sport experience.

Well if the  Alfa Romeo 4C “Picchio AR/MG” is anything to go by, we can look forward to a few more exciting cars from this Italian specialist.


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