10 AWESOME Things You Never Knew About Ferrari!

10 Unusual Ferrari things

We all know Ferrari, the beautiful red supercar originally created by its founder Enzo, winner of numerous F1 titles, the pinnacle of car design and engineering. A car that can take your breath away stood still, from the 250GTO, through to the F40 and the LaFerrari, it has been the poster of choice on the bedroom wall of many. Self made millionaires, footballers & pop stars its usually the car at the top of the most wanted list.

But the prancing horse from Italy isn’t all supercars, speed and power, we’ve found 10 Ferrari things that you just have to see!


  • Want a miniature Ferrari you can drive (if your small enough!) That’s exactly what model builder Pierre Scerri did, building his own 1:33 scale Ferrari 312PB, conforming to Ferrari’s original design and gearing and taking 15 years to complete, Pierre’s amazing model is actually driveable. It was completed in 1992 and since then he’s built another for a collector.


  • How to ruin a Ferrari – turn it into an estate. This 1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 ‘Shooting Brake’ was built by Panther Westwinds and built at a cost of approximately four new Daytonas at the time, beginning its life as a 365 GTB/4 Berlinetta, the modifications on this unique Ferrari include a double-gullwing rear tailgate, with large rear windows opening to allow access to the interior. Wood trim was added throughout including to the rear load area. Proof if ever that having money isn’t always a good thing!


  • Ferrari limousine? A Ferrari 360 F1 limousine to be exact. Available to hire from a company in the UK, we’ll let you decide if this is a good idea. We can certainly see the originality  in it, but its stretching a good thing a bit too far in our view


  • Bad taste? A Ferrari should always be in red say some, others prefer yellow or black but I’m not sure anybody of sane mind would want to paint it Tartan. Maybe it was a lost bet or a golf crazy individual



  • Rags to riches? Made entirely out of branded Ferrari clothing, including clothing, caps, bags and shoes. This life size Ferrari Formula 1 car was built by the PUMA retail team. Now that is cool



  • Forget F1 how about Rallying? UK Publication Autocar got their hands on a Group B 308 GTB. Built by independent company Michelotto, complete with the Ferrari V8 engine, few things can be cooler than kicking up dirt in a rally Ferrari.



  • You may not be able to afford a real Ferrari, but this remote controlled Enzo Ferrari is the next best thing! Instead of using a remote control that requires batteries and can be easily lost, this toy car uses an iPhone to control the Ferrari’s headlights, horn, and speed


  • Buried Ferrari!…February 1978 and a new family had just moved into the house when their two children where digging in the garden. The family called the local authorities, and an excavation began. It turned out that the car buried was a 1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS.

After a police investigation, the reason for the buried car was discovered; the previous owner had hired criminals to drive the car into the ocean so he could claim the insurance but the thieves hid the car in the hope of coming back for it at some stage.

The Ferrari was auctioned off & a mechanic bought it, thankfully restoring it to showroom condition.



  • Wooden Ferrari F50. The Ferrari F50 isn’t everyone’s favourite supercar from the prancing horse, but local Venice artist Livio De Marchi obviously likes it. As after five months and a lot of hard work, he carved a boat shaped like the supercar, including its wooden wheels and air vents. The functioning motorboat might not have the car’s V12 engine but it makes navigating the waterways of Venice a lot more fun, making the famed gondolas look pretty boring.



  • Ferrari builds ugly. They might build some of the most beautiful exotic cars in the world but every now and again, even Ferrari get it wrong. Not much is known about this gold Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Navarro special except that Italian nightclub tycoon Norbert Navaerro didn’t like the Ferrari 330 GT’s design, so he had Drogo coachbuilders create this design. We’re no fans I’m afraid but maybe beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all?!


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