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By racingalfa
Hi guys I'm in the process of installing a larger intercooler and one concern I have is the alloy bumper rail covers the top half of the intercooler is this going to cause any problems or is it ok to have the rail running across the front of the top of the intercooler, has any of you guys fitted a larger intercooler to your giulietta 1750tbi qv with this issue or should I cut the center of the rail away leaving just the ends bolted to ends of chassis legs any help would be appreciated
Larger intercooler
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By Sportiva-Italia
Hi, not sure if he can provide the info you need, but I know a guy who has his own projects, like a 155 V6 bi-turbo and he's one of the guys you need when it comes to turbos and stuff. He lives in the Netherlands however, but if you contact him (he's got a workshop of his own) he might be able to help you. / [email protected] He's a very busy guy, so just leave a message :)

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