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By #jk73
Hey people, going to a show? Attending a meet? Tell us about it...
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By Sportiva-Italia
I'm a member of the Netherlands' 2nd largest Alfa Romeo club and along with 2 other guys, I'm responsible for all kinds of Alfa (or italian car) related events. Cars 'n' Coffee, technical events... we can do what we want. Every year we have a tour through the northern provinces with of course questions and riddles. Everyone who loves Alfa Romeo is more than welcome to join us, for free!

Our website is and VARLN means something like 'Cllub for Alfa Romeo Enthusiasts'. If you live in the Netherlands, or if you happen to be in the country, feel free to join us :) We don't care if you drive an old unrestored Alfa, or the latest Giulia Q or if you don't even drive an Alfa, but just love Alfas: it's all the same to us! 8-)

Our Facebook page:

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