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Christmas ideas for the petrolhead in your life…

Well here we are in December already, the big day is approaching, have you done all your Christmas shopping? Sent your letter off to Santa? Well if you haven't or your stuck for some idea's for the car mad person in your life - or maybe just to treat yourself(?!), here at Enzari we've come

It’s good to share…

Here at Enzari we not only want to bring you the latest Italian car news, gossip, videos -see our YouTube channel - and whatever else we think you might want to see, hear and read about but we also want to hear from you... That's right, as an Italian car community for owners, enthusiasts and

A new challenge for Maserati Multi70 and Giovanni Soldini

A new record to beat for Maserati Multi70 and Giovanni Soldini: After claiming the record for the “Gold Route” from New York to San Francisco and the “Tea Clipper Trade Route” between San Francisco and Shanghai, the latest record attempt follows the route of the 19th Century Clipper Ships that transported their cargoes of tea from Hong Kong to London

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Maserati Levante V6 Petrol S is here

We have driven the diesel version of the Maserati Levante and it's overall ability left us impressed, a real alternative to the usual Chelsea tractors on the Sainsbury car park. We did question at the time of the Levante's launch why a petrol version wasn't available, to which Maserati simply said they didn't think the

How to buy a used Maserati Quattroporte

What to buy if your in the market for a performance saloon? Of course you could go down the normal route and follow the neighbours and go German, maybe even become a Jag' man but what if you want something a bit different? A big more stylish with a bit more presence. How about a

Maserati presents it’s product portfolio at Frankfurt Motor Show

Maserati presents its most complete and ultimately upgraded product portfolio at IAA Cars 2017 in Frankfurt. Starting from the new Ghibli, which has adopted a new range strategy and features a significant exterior restyling, all Maserati models have been thoroughly upgraded, adopting additional high-tech contents. The new Ghibli as well as the Levante MY18 are

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Motorists keen to find out more about electric vehicles says HPI

Following on from our news article recently in which Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said that Maserati will begin to produce electric vehicles by the end of this decade, it seem's the general consensus is the general public wants to know more first before parting with their hard earned money. A new study from automotive

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Maserati races car v horse

In the build up to the Grand National, luxury Italian car brand Maserati devised a unique ‘car vs horse’ challenge to explore the capabilities of the first ever Maserati SUV, the Levante, in an environment naturally suited to its equine competitor. The challenge provided another competitive twist as it was a race between two brothers;

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Maserati launch Special Edition models at Geneva Motor Show

Maserati are celebrating  the 60th anniversary of the 3500 GT, the very first GT car that segmented the market in 1957, with a Special Edition GranTurismo and GranCabrio. The Italian carmaker's stand at Geneva also features it's SUV Levante Show Car, featuring the new conceptual Ermenegildo Zegna silk fabric, bringing higher levels of luxury to car interiors. Maserati

Italian classics remain ones to watch

As 2017 starts the classic car world looks ahead to see what may be the cars to invest in as the year goes on. Traditionally Italian cars have been worth while investments, that is if you have the means of course. Record breaking Ferrari’s tend to grab the headlines but what do classic car experts